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Appeals Process

If your planning application has been unreasonably rejected, we will appeal the decision of the local planning authority on your behalf. We pay all the costs of making an appeal and Greystoke manages the case through the statutory appeals process. We instruct barristers, planning consultants and expert witnesses.


If the appeal is successful, you receive planning permission for the scheme which had earlier been rejected. We only receive our fee once your permission is secured.


If the appeal fails, you don’t pay anything. You also retain your land with a clear explanation from an independent inspector of the deficiencies in the original scheme. If you choose to bring the site forward again,  you can address the inspector’s concerns.

Guided by Anthony Crean QC, with over 30 years of experience contesting appeals, we offer a flexible and creative approach to the appeals process. Greystoke finances and manages all types of appeal, including written representations, hearings and planning inquiries. Projects include residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.



"I often have cases where clients (landowners, land promoters and developers) have sites with planning potential but they are unwilling to go to appeal because of the costs, the risk and in some cases inexperience in the appeal system.  Greystoke have brought an innovative solution to the market which allows those clients to proceed to appeal, allowing others to guide them through the process and shoulder the risk. 


It is also unique because Greystoke has Anthony Crean QC involved in all its projects on a day to day basis.  His experience of the planning system informs the strategic decisions and guides the teams of consultants that are handpicked to suit each project."

David Hutchison

Executive Director, Pegasus Group

“Having just completed a Public Inquiry in King’s Lynn, I can only reflect positively on the manner in which Greystoke took on the case and managed the appeal process.  Offering  a “no win, no fee” model for appealing planning decisions is unusual but what sets Greystoke apart is the quality, breadth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the process. 


Anthony Crean QC  took a very hands on approach to all matters associated with the appeal.  Lead witnesses were specifically selected to respond to the particularly requirements of the appeal scheme.  All surveys and follow up work needed to present the best possible case were instructed without question.  Taking a fair but very robust approach to the appeal process, the landowners' interests have been very well served by Greystoke.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other clients who have received a refusal notice.”

Paul Belton

Partner, Carter Jonas

Greystoke’s offer with regards to planning appeals has the dual benefits of removing financial risk and giving access to a team with the requisite capability, experience and forensic attention to detail for success in the process. My experience of working with the Greystoke team on a recent appeal is that their approach of expert guidance, supportive project management and clear communication allowed the project to progress smoothly and the strongest case to be presented.


Gail Stoten

Senior Director, Pegasus Group