Greystoke Land

Specialists in land promotion,
appeals and investment

Strategic Land

At our core is a desire and an ability to identify and unlock the long-term potential of land. We work with clients to design, finance and deliver sustainable development while realising value for landowners. Our planning team will take land from initial surveys and scheme design through to outline planning consent and sale to a housebuilder or commercial operator. We always aim to work with local authorities in a collaborative fashion to secure consent while recognising the role and value of the appeals process.


We will also take over failed applications for planning permission and pursue them at our own risk through the statutory appeals process. If the appeal is successful, the disappointed applicant receives planning permission for the scheme which had earlier been rejected. If the appeal fails, the original applicant recovers his land with a clear explanation from an independent Inspector of the deficiencies of the original scheme, so it may be reconsidered. With over 30 years of experience in contesting appeals, we believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver positive outcomes.


Our patient approach also allows us to invest in long-term opportunities for strategic and sustainable growth. We will consider both sole and joint venture freehold investments where we are able to add direct and significant value via our planning and design expertise.