Greystoke Partnerships

Greystoke collaborates with landowners, developers and institutions to finance and secure planning permissions. Greystoke undertakes the planning process at our own risk in return for a share of the enhanced land value. We design a scheme, manage the application and pay all the costs to secure consent. We are only paid when the site is sold for development.


Why Greystoke?

Led by Anthony Crean QC, our planning team takes full advantage of law and policy to deliver valuable consents. Our broad experience, from housing and care homes to renewable energy and logistics, allows us to optimise land-use and ensure each project delivers the best return.

How We Work


We work with each client to structure the best long term partnership. Possible arrangements include promotions, options, joint ventures and purchases.


Greystoke applies for planning permission for an approved scheme. ​​We pay all the costs including surveys, designs, planning fees, and legal expenses. If we are refused, we can appeal the decision.


Greystoke finds a developer to buy the property with planning permission. We market the site to ensure everyone receives best value.

Our Partners

Greystoke finances and manages planning permissions for landowners, developers and institutions.


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